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LAW INSTRUCTOR PUBLICATIONS is the first company in the U.S. to produce criminal, business and family law Mock Trials for high school use. We offer comprehensive law education and social studies curriculum materials that have been classroom-tested for the past 50 years!

Here’s why so many have chosen LAW INSTRUCTOR PUBLICATIONS over the competition:

COMPREHENSIVE. Our Mock Trials contain complete course materials to generate the motivation and interest your students need to achieve:
  • Complete trial directions to guide you through a successful education activity
  • Unique model opening speeches for student lawyers, judges and court officials
  • Detailed role instructions for each student participant
  • Relevant legal instructions in the pertinent law directing the trial
  • Police investigation sheets and other pertinent legal forms
  • A glossary of legal terms
RELEVANT. High interest cases for your Street Law, Business Law or Social Studies classes.

ACTIVITY-ORIENTED. Our instruction material help achieve activity-oriented classrooms for activity-oriented educators.

CLASSROOM INTEREST. Attract attention with our Mock Trials, Short Stories, Role Plays, Law Posters, Essays and Inquiry Problems designed to stimulate interest in Law-Related, Social Studies and Business Law classes.

ECONOMICAL. Student materials are reproducible — buy only one copy of each mock trial and reproduce pages for students’ use. Discounts offered for multiple classroom copies purchased of Short Stories and Role Plays. Reduced shipping & handling rates.

The law company that makes learning an exciting experience!

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