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SS-002 The School House Burglary

The School House Burglary

Skip is accused of breaking into his school, and is accused of stealing a tape recorder and vandalizing the school. Is he guilty or innocent? Students must decide his fate.

Dramatic criminal law cases are presented in high interest/easy reading level booklets. Each illustrated booklet involves students in critical thinking and decision-making in a trial, while developing understanding of legal concepts. Teacher's Guide contains helpful suggestions in using discussion questions, activity-writing exercises, and objectives that are given with each story.  Controlled Reading Level for Grades 7 - 12.

These short stories in law education have been reviewed favorably in UPDATE: A.B.A's publication on Youth Education of Citizenship. "This series of short stories focuses on several contemporary issues in which students have an opportunity to discuss relevant subject matters which challenges even reluctant readers to think critically."  This series can also be successfully used to enhance student understanding of public vandalism, protest in American History, environmental and criminal law issues via "extra credit" readings or make-up assignments in a variety of social studies or language arts classes.

Short story. Illustrated. 64 pages.

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