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Robert J. RaderLAW INSTRUCTOR PUBLICATIONS' mission is to arm teachers with activity-oriented materials that engage and motivate students to take interest in law, social studies and law-related pursuits.

In business over 50 years, LAW INSTRUCTOR PUBLICATIONS was founded by Robert J. Rader. Mr. Rader, a life-long educator and entrepreneur, founded the company after searching for, but not finding suitable course material to teach his high school students about courtroom proceedings. So he created a mock trial unit for his social studies classes.

After receiving rave student and fellow peer reviews, he decided to make the mock trial available to other educators throughout the U.S. More mock trial units were written and eventually the curriculum expanded to include law-education short stories, role plays, and other activity-based, in-classroom materials for secondary schools.

Recognized as an innovative classroom instructor in his home state of Minnesota, Mr. Rader has been involved in helping develop curriculum materials for the Minnesota Bar Association and Minnesota State Department of Education including numerous state and local task forces in the areas of law-related instruction, social studies and conservation. He holds a B.A., a B.S. and a Master of Science degree in Education. In 2009, Mr. Rader was inducted into the Alexandria (Minnesota) Public Schools Education Foundation Hall of Fame, recognizing him as a pioneer in the area of law education curriculum for secondary schools.

LAW INSTRUCTOR PUBLICATIONS was the first U.S.-based company to pen mock trial course material for high school use and remains the most time-proven course material in law education for secondary schools.

The law company that makes learning an exciting experience!

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